Video to DVD
We take care of all your VIDEO/ DVD needs

We transfer your old camcorder tapes, VHS, VHSC, HI8, 8mm, DVtapes directly to DVD.
We can also convert your old Cine films 16mm Super 8  Std 8 film to DVD.

Video tape £15  max 2 hours per dvd
cine film from £19

VHS Video Tape Cleaning
With the onset of DVDs replacing VHS tapes, people are left with their old video tapes. Very often they are discarded and left in unsuitable places. The tapes are left to deteriorate, in many cases mildew and mold develops over time and can cause irrepairable damage. The machines we use can clean up most tapes. However, if left too long you may lose your precious taped memories forever. Once your tapes have been cleaned, we transfer them straight to DVD.

Cleaning   £15-£25 per tape 

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Cine Film

We have two of the best cine film transfer units that are available today.

 We use Tobin Telecine machines, which enables the film to be transferred very close to the same speed as it was filmed,
with no trace of flicker and no bright centre or dark corners on the film. The Tobin Telecine machine delivers excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

What's included in the price?
▪ Film is evaluated, cleaned and repaired   ▪ Music if required
(instrumental background music)

▪ Transferred, brightened and sharpened   ▪ Fast turnaround time - 2 days for small amounts / 4 days for large amounts

▪ Any bad bits are removed or edited   ▪ If your films are not dated and you would like to put them in order. An appointment can be be made to view and edit.

▪ Chapter points throughout the dvd for easy access   ▪ Under a 1000 feet of cine film you will receive 3 dvd copies.

▪ Titles if required   ▪ Over 1000 feet of cine film you will receive 5 DVD copies

  1. Slides
    We scan your 35mm 110 slides or negatives or your photos and convert them to high quality JPEG image files. You get all your images on a CD or USB. You can then view the images on your computer email to your friends and family. We can also create a slideshow DVD. Prices from £25
  2. Audio cassettes Lp's
    AUDIO CASSETTES, VINYL TO CD Transfer & Copy all your audio cassettes. Records & reel-to-reels Cassettes to DVD £15 max 80 mins
  3. Video Tape Repair
    We can fix your video tapes and transfer to DVD for £15 Pal UK American NTSC, French SECAM.

Video tapes to Dvd

Everyone has memories – and sometimes they're taped on obsolete video formats that require transfers. We think everyone should be able to watch their favourite home movie memories time and time again. That's why we specialise in converting all older film formats like camcorder and video cassettes to DVD.