1. We can repair/restore your favourite tapes back to its original or closer match so you could still enjoy listening to them and bring your old precious memories back to life. If you have a broken tape, just send it to us and we will repair it for you. If you think your tape is not repairable just contact us for more help. We can repair almost all kind of broken tapes in any condition.
    Video Tape Repair
  2. With the onset of DVDs replacing VHS tapes, people are left with their old video tapes. Very often they are discarded and left in unsuitable places. The tapes are left to deteriorate, in many cases mildew and mold develops over time and can cause irrepairable damage (see pictures). Our machines can clean up most tapes. However, if left too long you may lose your precious tape memories forever. Once your tapes have been cleaned, we can transfer them straight to DVD. Cleaning from £15-£25 per tape
    Video Tape Cleaning
  3. We have equipped our studio with two of the best cine film transfer units that are available today. The Tobin Telecine machines that we use enables the film to be transferred very close to the same speed as it was filmed, with no trace of flicker, no bright centre or dark corners on the film. The Tobin Telecine machine delivers excellent quality at a very reasonable price.
    Cine Films to DVD
  4. We can transfer your old camcorder tapes, VHS, VHSC, HI8, 8mm, DVcam, DV, DVD 8cm disc, Digital 8 and Betamax tapes directly to DVD. Prices ******* 2 Hours Max £15 plus fee copy Sometimes we can fit more tapes onto a dvd as long as it does not exceed 2 hours.
    Video to dvd